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When writing content at Sunshine Coast SEO, the three most important factors to consider if you want to rise up the Google search pages are – CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT.  There is a skill in writing for both search engines, and humans.  Google are continuously updating their algorithm to make user engagement more and more important, so long gone are the days where you could simply write 500 words, stuff it full of keywords and you would rank!

As well as long tailed keyword research, we specialise in writing content to compliment that keyword research.  We can write engaging, informative and unique content for just about any niche, product or service.


Do you want to know the best way for writing content?  Find an article on the Internet based on the keywords that you are trying to rank for.  So you can google “keyword articles” or Google a particular site like by putting “keyword” into the Google search engine. Be creative and find some great content.  YOU MUST NOT STEAL THIS PERSON’S CONTENT!  If they haven’t stolen it themselves then it is their intellectual property.  Not only that Google will penalise you for using duplicate content.  NOT ONLY THAT, it is just not cricket!!!

Tips for Writing Content

Writing content – Ctrl + C about 1000 words (or however many you want to rewrite) and Ctrl + V into your document. You might need to do this with a couple of articles to get about 1000 words. The trick with good Sunshine Coast SEO is to make the links look as natural as possible, so an article with 846 words and another with 1022 words is fine. What you don’t need is a collection of articles with exactly the same word count.

Writing Content

You then need to totally rewrite the articles. What we do at Sunshine Coast SEO is simply read a sentence and then delete the sentence and write it a different way. This is the way to ensure 100% unique content. You can use “track changes” under review using Word if it is easier for you.  What happens while the content is being rewritten is that the writer can add their own flair, passion and personality into the content, genuinely making is fresh and new.

Then you simply upload it to a blog – See the picture and instructions below:

writing contentJust in case you are not used to WordPress I have given you a step by step guide to writing content. I’m sure that you are used to blogging so it will be easy to do, but just in case.

  1. Under posts click “add new” @number 1
  2. Add the article title @ number 2
  3. Ctrl + V the new rewritten article @ number 3
  4. Click “publish” @ number 4
  5. When it is published a button will appear @ number 5 saying “view post” – click it.
  6. Ctrl + C the url of the new post @ number 6
  7. Go to and Ctrl + V the url into the searchbar and click “GO”
  8. After the Copyscape plagerism check has come back as 100% unique, then you know that is is great quality unique content.

For writing content you need to check it off at – This may pick up the footer “powered by WordPress” or something else, but this is fine. If it picks up any of the article content then simply rewrite that part of the copy and that’s it!

All you have to do is to start the on-page SEO work.  Remember the three most important factors for good SEO are:

  1. Good quality unique content
  2. Good quality unique content
  3. Good quality unique content

So you see how important the content writing job in the whole process is!

We have great quality, English speaking content writers and re-writers here at Sunshine Coast SEO who can create the best quality, unique and engaging website content.  Contact us now to arrange your weekly blog content!

Writing Content