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At Sunshine Coast SEO we specialise in Sunshine Coast websites, web hosting and search engine optimisation for the Sunshine Coast area. With a background in law, small business and website design we are the experts in Sunshine Coast web publishing in Australia.  At Sunshine Coast SEO we can help you with every aspect of your website design, hosting and all of your online marketing, including Content Management, Article Writing & Submission, Social Media Marketing, On-Page SEO Optimisation, Off-Page SEO Optimisation and Great Quality Backlinks.

The Sunshine Coast SEO Dichotomy

There is a dichotomy between designing a website for humans and designing a website for search engines! With the latest Panda and Penguin Google updates, there is a lot more overlap between the two, with metrics used by humans included in the Google algorithm. There are certain metrics that a search engine considers good for SEO, for example <h1> <h2> <h3> tags, linking to internal and external pages, lots of good quality unique content and a lot more. Then, the page must be designed for humans in a way that is engaging and makes people want to stay by providing relevant content in a way that makes potential clients want to contact you. At Sunshine Coast Websites we can ensure that your on-page optimisation is perfectly configured to best serve both design concepts.

Sunshine Coast SEO

There are a lot of different factors that search engines take into consideration when delivering results in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). Both on-site and off-site metrics are used to create a trust factor which Google calls “PageRank”. When all of the metrics come together in a perfect syncronicity, that is when you will rank higher for targeted keywords and key phrases.

The Difference Between Sunshine Coast SEO and Other Companies

The “trust” factor when designing a Sunshine Coast website is paramount! The Sunshine Coast online marketplace is incredibly competitive with domination of the top keyword searches by the top tier firms with almost limitless budgets or perhaps their own in-house IT. But, the most fantastic thing about Internet marketing is that you don’t need top tier budgets to be competitive! The secret here is “quality optimisation” rather that “quantity optimisation”! What do we mean by quality over quantity?

Quality SEO or Quantity SEO

We specialise is quality SEO rather that quantity SEO. This means that we actively promote great quality and relevant backlinks, great quality content and long-tail keywords that encourage potential clients to click through, perform the desired action and sign your fee schedule and client agreement! That is what we want after all.

Great Quality Backlinks

This means high PageRank, top tier domains, for example, or national newspapers online or industry specific sites like IP Australia for Intellectual Property Lawyers. Great quality links like this are literally worth 100’s of spammy blog comments and it gives your website a “trust” factor which is really important for great search engine optimisation.

Great Quality Content

Most bloggers will tell you that you need a minimum of 400 words of content per page, but Google understand that 400-500 words of content is the standard for SEO optimisation, so at Sunshine Coast Websites we encourage a lot more content per page, which gives the Googlebots a lot more to cling onto when they crawl your sites’ pages. Google also look at the quality of prose, believe it or not! Good quality writing, spelling and grammar is ranked more highly than bad writing. Also, as well as great, unique and well written content it must be relevant for the keywords that that page is trying to rank for.

Long Tail Keywords

If you want to rank for the keyword “lawyers” then it is going to be a long and costly process and there is a lot of competition.

Sunshine Coast SEO Lawyers-Search

So, for the “phrase” search for the keyword lawyers, there are 262 million pages that you would have to compete with. That is not the only bad thing, if you do rank for the word “lawyers” you will be getting clicks from people who are not there to engage a lawyer. Anybody who searches for the keyword “lawyers” might click through to your site, with no intention of spending any money.

Whereas, ranking for the keyword “ip lawyer in Sydney” which is a phrase that gets searched for 46 times per month on average (according to Google Keywords Tool) and only has only 904 pages of competition.

Sunshine Coast SEO Lawyers-Search

What does this mean for your Sunshine Coast SEO?

  1. It is a lot easier to rank over 904 pages of competition than 262 million!
  2. The people who click are more likely to be converted into clients.
  3. There are almost no limits to long tail keyword (LTK) combinations that your competition haven’t even thought of.
  4. It is a lot more cost effective to rank for LTK rather than heavily competitive keywords.
  5. There are some LTK that practically ensure a conversion, a fictitious example would be “i need a lawyer immediately, it’s an emercency” – if you are ranking at number 1 in Google for this, then you must be able to make the conversion!

Sunshine Coast Web Hosting and Domain Names

Why is web hosting and domain names so important in your online presence? Well, if you are trying to get clients in Australia, then having your site hosted on servers within Australia will get served in SERP’s first! Not only that, if the queriy only has to travel 500km to return your web pages rather than 5000km to return your web pages, then they will be served faster which will improve the whole customer experience and lower the bounce rate.

Sunshine Coast Website Hosting

We use a fantastic company based in Brisbane to host our websites. They have secure servers that deliver FAST results every time and have a 99.9% up-time guarantee! Let Sunshine Coast Websites hosting deliver the best results to your clients.

Sunshine Coast Domain Names

For the best results in SEO, it is a good idea to have the main keyword you want to rank for in your domain name. For example is you are a family law practitioner, then a good idea would be a domain name “” but it is another dichotomy between optimising for the search engines and being true to your brand. If you have an established “smithlaw” brand, then it might be better to stay with it.

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