Sunshine Coast SEO Approach

Sunshine Coast SEO mooloolabaWhat changes need to be made when working with Sunshine Coast SEO? Well, just like working with any business SEO, rather than some affiliate marketing SEO, it is very important to protect the main website at all costs!

White Hat Sunshine Coast SEO

It is very important, when planning your Sunshine Coast SEO and Sunshine Coast marketing campaigns, to protect your main site at all times. This means the employment of “white hat” seo methods and techniques. What does white hat SEO mean? White hat is a name which has evolved as the safest and most Google friendly way of SEO. White hat seo for your Sunshine Coast SEOs includes natural link building, natural high quality content, real social media shares and a host of natural, safe seo methods.

The Problem with White Hat SEO

The biggest problem with white hat SEO is that it is slow! Manually creating content, manually creating backlinks and all the other white hat systems, even though it is safe, it is slow, laborious and time consuming. Because of this time consumption it is also a costly way to do your SEO. However an advantage with white hat Sunshine Coast SEO is that the majority of your competitors will be employing some kind of grey hat or black hat SEO, therefore making themselves susceptible to Google algorithm changes and dropping off the egde of the world completely!  In the SEO world, slow and steady wins the race.

Grey Hat Sunshine Coast SEOs Search Engine Optimisation

What is “Grey Hat”? Well, grey hat SEO is the middle point between white hat seo and black hat seo. Grey hat is not totally kosher, but probably won’t get you penalised on the search engine results pages (serps). Examples of grey hat seo might be spinning an article you have written to get 5 or 6 unique articles, or utilising semi-automatic submission services or social media submission services.

The Problem with Grey Hat Sunshine Coast SEOs

At Sunshine Coast SEO, we do not use grey hat automation, we never scrape the web to steal other peoples intellectual property and pass it off as our own! This is one of the more dodgy elements of black hat SEO, which should never ever be used on Sunshine Coast SEO.

Sunshine Coast SEOs SEO Strategy

At Sunshine Coast SEO, we utilise a multi-level seo technique. This means that we utilise a number of different seo levels which utilise a number of different white hat and grey hat techniques.

Level 1 Sunshine Coast SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword research is fundamental to generating quality clients. It is more beneficial to rank more highly for specific keyword phrases with less searches performed and less competition, than it is for the top keywords with millions of searches performed every month and high competition.

Sunshine Coast SEOs Keyword Case Study

sunshine coast pi law

The keyword “personal injury lawyers” has 5,540,000 web pages ranking for that phrase! That means that you have to try to rank over more than five million competitors, in a very competitive niche.

sunshine coast seo pi law

As you can see above, the keyword “personal injury lawyers” gets 74,000 worldwide searches and almost 3000 Australian monthly requests according to our keywords tool. The tool also suggests that the keyword is “high” in competition.

sunshine coast seo pi advice

So, instead of “personal injury lawyers” we would recommend that you instead, try to rank for the keyword “personal injury advice”. This phrase has only 53, 400 pages of competition which would be a lot easier to rank for and will practically guarantee to a spot of page one of Google, with the right SEO program.

sunshine coast seo pi advice keywords

The keyword “personal injury advice” only gets 390 searches worldwide with only 16 monthly Australian searches. At first glance you might think that this is a bad thing, however we beg to differ! It might only be 16 searches performed in Australia, but the people who are performing the searches are more likely going to be better prospects! For example, the people searching for “personal injury lawyers” might be students doing research, lawyers looking for jobs or other various demographics who you have actually ZERO chance of converting into a sale. Whereas, people who are searching for “personal injury advice” are more likely going to be searching for PI Law advice, therefore making the conversion of the prospect into a sale, or client, a lot easier!

Comparison Table

Short Tail Competitive Keywords

Long Tail Less Competitive Keywords

Harder to get on page 1 of Google

Easier to get on page 1 of Google

Less likely to get targeted prospects

More likely to get targeted prospects

More competition to rank over

Less competition to rank over

Broad spectrum of people searching

Narrow spectrum of people searching

Less chance of conversion to sale

More chance of conversion to sale

Higher bounce rate to irrelevant searches

Lower bounce rate to irrelevant searches

Low possibility of variation of keyword

Multiple variations of keyword combinations

Great quality Sunshine Coast Content

Once we have researched the best keywords, the first level of our Sunshine Coast SEO campaign is generating great quality, unique and highly engaging content. If you study seo for more than 5 minutes, you will hear the mantra “content is king“, and it with this in mind that we only generate great quality, Sunshine Coast content. Remember, we are experienced in small business, law and academic writing as well as Sunshine Coast SEO, website design and Sunshine Coast marketing. Click through some Sunshine Coast articles on this site for an example of our great Sunshine Coast content. We reference all of our citations, the grammar is great and we can write content from 500 – 2000+ words.

Great Back Linking Campaigns

Without giving too much away, we start off by creating the first wave of backlinks including directory posts, blogs, web 2.0 sites and social media. We create these as good and as valid as your main SEO, great content which is shareable and highly relevant to users. We backlink these sites back to pages and posts of your main site.

The second level of SEO is to back link those primary sites – and so on!

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