The Sunshine Coast SEO Advanced Package is crammed full of SEO goodies! We want to do a good job, not just take your money, so every package contains exactly the same SEO services, just more or less of it. SEO these days is a holistic process including a number of different processes from around the Internet. We understand this and include all of these services in all of our packages! And they all come with our 100% money back guarantee!

  • How much is your average sale? $500? $1000? How many more customers do you want?
  • How many new clients / sales / customers per month would it take for ROI?
  • We will identify targeted keywords and create targeted content to help you deliver that ROI.

What’s Included in the SEO Advanced Package?

Initial Meeting with You – SEO Advanced Package

  1. Get to know you and your business – let me buy you a coffee
  2. Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  3. Competition Analysis & Strategy
  4. Content Strategy
  5. Full audit of your website with detailed written report.
  6. The identification of “core” keyword phrases to be targeted (based on target market, target audience and competitor site analysis)
  7. Preliminary Benchmark Reports
  8. Current ranking for targeted keyword phrases
  9. Competitor ranking for targeted keyword phrases
  10. MORE… we can discuss your exact SEO Advanced Package needs

Initial Onsite SEO – SEO Advanced Package

  1. Authorship Mark Up – your picture in Google Search Pages
  2. Sitemap Optimization
  3. Create/Edit robots.txt file
  4. Create/Edit sitemap.xml file
  5. A LOT MORE… we can discuss your exact SEO Advanced Package needs

Initial Offsite SEO – SEO Advanced Package

  1. Content Publications
  2. Social Media Mentions
  3. Guest Blog Posts
  4. Social Media boost
  5. Identification and Search Engine Optimisation of relevant content pages including assistance with the creation of new Search Engine-friendly “landing” pages
  6. Google+ Local
  7. Google Website Verification
  8. Bing Website Verification
  9. Yahoo Verification
  10. Alexia Webmaster Tools
  11. MORE… we can discuss your exact SEO Advanced Package needs

Communication With You – SEO Advanced Package

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Ranking Report
  3. SEO Consulting
  4. Update on your SEO Starter Package with all backlinks and content

Ongoing SEO Program – SEO Advanced Package

  1. Full website maintenance / CMS updating.
  2. Full competitor analysis with detailed written report.
  3. Full keyword analysis with detailed written report.
  4. Meta Tags on targeted pages optimised.
  5. Pictures on targeted pages optimised.
  6. Content on targeted pages optimised.
  7. Keywords on targeted pages optimised.
  8. SEO editing for these pages to balance on-page keyword richness with your brand message
  9. Edit title, description and other “off-page” meta tags for these pages for target keywords
  10. Apply internal linking strategies to maximise value of existing website strength
  11. Off-site Techniques
  12. Custom Link Development including research, analysis and tailored submissions by your Link Development Analyst focusing on quality, relevant and on-theme link opportunities
  13. Create, claim or consolidate one Google Places page
  14. Edit and upload data as required to achieve 100% completion rating
  15. Social Media Signals
  16. Your Business Analyst will work with you to ensure that your Social Media accounts are correctly set up and operated to maximise their SEO value including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Twitter; newer entrants and smaller Social Media networks monitored for SEO relevance
  17. In addition to the specific SEO tasks indicated, time is also allocated to custom SEO strategies and activities unique to your site.
  18. A LOT MORE BESIDES … we can discuss your exact SEO Advanced Package needs over coffee!

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