Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about making it easy for search engines such as Google to access your web pages.

Why is this important? Search engines, particularly Google, are what more people are using to find goods and services, instead of traditional methods such as Yellow Pages.

And because your website is your best way to communicate with your customers online, you want it to be easy to find.

If you want to give your website the best change of appearing in the search engine results pages, SEO is essential.

SEO for Bornstate Food Co.

Bornstate Food Co.

Bornstate Food Co. had a brand new shopping cart ecommerce website built by Fig Creative. We provided Advanced SEO to ensure the website gets found on Google by potential customers.




SEO for Lovebird Weddings

Love Bird Weddings

Love Bird Weddings also asked us to optimise their website for search engines – SEO. The wedding industry is highly competitive on the Sunshine Coast and everyone is vying for the top spots on Google.



SEO for Pool Clear

Pool Clear

We developed a mobile-friendly site for Chris (very important part of any SEO strategy) and did Advanced SEO for him, so the foundations were in place.