Pagerank and Backlinks

Pagerank and BacklinksOn the topic of Sunshine Coast SEO, Pagerank and Backlinks – Pagerank is named after Larry Page, one of the Google founders and is the “score” given to any particular page of your website. This score is given value by the milti-trillion dollar enigma that is the Google algorithm. The algorithm calculates 1000’s of variables, one of which is backlinks. A good Pagerank and Backlinks score is calculated by:

  1. the number of sites that link to your site;
  2. the quality of those links based upon their score, or pagerank;
  3. anchor text that the backlink uses.

Pagerank and Backlinks

So you can see how the Googlebots work. They ping around the www following links, collecting information, both on-site and off-site. Over time they build a profile of how important your site is, by the importance, or score, of the pages that link to you, amongst other variables! Pagerank and Backlinks.

So, if you had a link from QLD Govt homepage on a domain, then Google would value this 1000 x better than basic backlink from a regular site. Literally 1000 backlinks from pagerank 2 sites to one pagerank 3, 1000 x pr3 to 1 x pr4, and so on… mostly anyway.

  1. “dofollow” is a tag given to a link which tells the search engines to follow the link
  2. “nofollow” is a tag given to a link which tells the search engines NOT to follow the link (however, the Googlebots do follow it anyway, they just don’t count it.)
  3. “dofollow” tags pass some of the Pagerank and Backlinks from the site with the backlink, to the site that it is linking to. This is why people put “nofollow” tags to their external links, to save leaching Pagerank from their sites. So, you have to be careful when advertising with these people that it is a rel=”dofollow” backlink, or it is basically useless (as a backlink).

Pagerank and Backlinks

So, essentially it is worth spending 1000 times longer getting one good quality, good domain, dofollow backlink!

  1. I only use paid online advertising (for backlinking reasons) if;
  2. I can choose my own anchor text – “Catering Brisbane” for example; and/or;
  3. It is a really good quality domain – I have a paid link at because of Heaps of good quality value; and/or;
  4. The links are “dofollow”.

This is all about your backlinking profile. There could be other value is using a directory, but from my experience there are so many internet entrepreneur’s out there all with magic beans for sale and the return is never very good. Especially when you consider that with the right backlinking profile, you can rank above them for the same search term anyway!!

If you already have experience with promoting a website, then you know the importance of ranking high in search engine results. The following information teaches you some of the most effective search engine optimization techniques and strategies for improving your site’s ranking.

You should understand what SEO is all about before you start implementing a plan. Mathematical calculations are used by computers to classify websites. The goal of these tips is to show you how you can improve the ranking of your website by taking advantage of the equations used.  To rank your site, search engines use several factors. Keywords that are embedded in your site and headings are one method. They also look for activity on your site, and links to and from it.  It may take time to earn a higher ranking with the search engines, so make your site as appealing as possible to them. Your titles and heading should contain a lot of keywords. It will be of great help. You have to be patient though; all of these things take time to pay off.

Paying for a higher ranking in search engine results is a method that usually doesn’t exist. You can, however, advertise. However, many people realize that these sites are essentially advertisements, and avoid clicking on them. The spots are usually filled by corporate companies who have large advertising budgets.  Search engine optimization is more than just sprinkling the right words and word clusters throughout your content. Links within your own website, links to other websites and backlinks from other websites all improve your notices and rankings. Make the most of your contacts with other websites to establish a reciprocal link exchange agreement.

Targeted visitors should be interested in your product or you should be able to convince them that they need your product by mentioning a common issue among this demographic group. These people are not just surfing the web; they are looking for a solution to their problems. These people are ready to buy something. You will always have visitors that stumble upon your website; however, most of the time, this type of traffic does not generate revenue. Try to build an attractive site for both types of customers. However, these are not necessarily the prospects you are wanting to target. You really want those targeted customers who are more apt to purchase what you are selling. To help them locate you, it is necessary to be familiar with the exact keywords that you must use. Buy some ad space on websites your target customers visit.

It is advantageous for any business to have a website, but this is particularly true if your business success depends upon sales made via the internet. If you use the advice that this article has provided to you, you can end up with the perfect website for your business in no time.

Pagerank and Backlinks