The Latest Google Panda Update: What You Need To Know

Welcome, Panda 4.0

Did you know that, every year, Google updates its search algorithm 500 – 600 times?


Often, these updates are subtle, and we don’t notice the changes. However, it seems Google’s latest algorithm update has weightier significance, with Google’s Matt Cutts, saying that the latest Panda update would be “softer and more friendly” to small sites and businesses.

The latest algorithmic change is specifically dedicated to helping small websites and businesses do better in Google search results. What makes this change even better is Matt Cutts’ comment that this update will serve as a foundation to their future strategy. You might want to view Google’s algorithm change history for further insight.

What is Panda, Anyway?

Panda 4.0 is the latest change to Google’s algorithm, which is a set of mostly secret factors that determines which pages will feature in search results and how highly they rank.

Google Panda’s Job

What Google Panda is here to do is to eliminate weak content websites. These weak content websites include websites that:

  • Lack content in general;
  • Lack unique and interesting content.

Google Panda, in turn, rewards websites that:

  • Abound in interesting content;
  • Abound in in-depth content.

“The latest Panda 4.0 update is reported to have impacted around 7.5% searches in the English language.”  Learn more.

What to Do in Response to Google Panda 4.0

What you should already have been doing: responding to user needs by offering them interesting and insightful content.

The key is to write ‘sharable content’ – write something that people will feel compelled to share with their family and friends. It’s also about stepping away from content that are actually rehashed sales pitches, and, instead, writing something that pulls, rather than pushes, a reader.

For example, rather than, week after week, writing a blog post that, in slightly different ways, pushes weekend stays at your tropical resort, to be interesting and informative, you might instead write about:

  • Week 1: Saturday night dining experience at the resort;
  • Week 2: Sunday afternoon entertainment at the resort;
  • Week 3: An in depth profile and guest experience of one of your star rooms;
  • Week 4: Events taking place in and around the resort next month.

To learn more about how Google Panda 4.0 will impact online businesses, have a look at this informative blog post over at Digital Journal.