SEO Keyword Research Services

Keyword Research ServicesAre you looking for the best Sunshine Coast SEO Keyword Research Services?  Good keyword research is vital in a good quality SEO campaign. What you are looking for is the sweet spot in which there are lots of good quality searches and less than 10,000 pages of competition. Long tailed keywords are the best for a number of reasons, but mostly they are great because they are so varied. There are literally millions of different combinations of words that your competition have not even thought about yet!

Long Tailed Keyword Research Services

A good long-tailed keyword does more than just improve your Google ranking, they can be used to target clients directly. It is really quite pointless trying to rank for a high traffic phrases directly. You can spend years and thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours worked writing good content and optimising for the top keywords and not really get very far. But if you target good quality, long-tailed keywords that point directly at searches which are more likely to convert the lead to a sale, then you can actually convert more of those leads to paying sales, and that is the name of the game really!

Keyword Research Services

For example, the phrase “cheap maroochydore accommodation” gets searched for 12 times in Australia per month and there are only 8,430 pages of competition. This type of phrase is more likely to convert to a sale and eliminates the f***ing time wasters and tyre kickers.  Higher yielding targeted keywords is basically our SEO niche at Sunshine Coast SEO.

Keyword Research Services

The beauty of this type of SEO is that you get a cross pollination effect happening. So as well as getting the immediate result of ranking for a long-tailed keyword, you will also indirectly rank for “cheap accommodation” and “maroochydore accommodation”.

How to do Keyword Research

I’m happy to show you how to identify how many searches performed and “phrase” search pages of competition. It is a bit of a laborious process, but it is really worth it.  Just like a builder has to spend time getting the foundations just right, or a chef has to spend time preparing the food before service, a good Sunshine Coast SEO campaign starts with quality keyword research.  Our keyword research services will ensure that you convert more leads to paying clients or customers.

You need to put a lot of thought into what basic products and services you want to provide; or the best paying product and service; or an area that you want to grow, then you can start to do some keyword research and identify the best keywords for you. I guess, at a very fundamental level, as a business you need to think about 3 main points:

  1. What do you want to sell?
  2. Who are your customers?
  3. What are those potential customers going to be typing into Google when they are looking for things that you want to sell?

What are Long Tailed Keywords?

 Longtail Keyword Research ServicesAt Sunshine Coast SEO we offer the best keyword research services.  We don’t just try to rank your site for broad, sweeping keywords, we optimise for keywords that are going to yield a better turnover from a lead to a sale.  We optimise for conversion and not just website traffic.  Our keyword research services optimises your website with keywords based upon the services and products that you want to provide to your customers.

Not only that, we optimise your site for for keywords that eliminates the time wasters and the searchers who have no intention of making a sale.  For example, if you want to rank to “caterers” then this is going to be a hard and futile job, because if you offer your catering services only on the Sunshine Coast, then any other place in Australia is a waste of a search result.

We only try to rank for phrases that are more likely to convert to a sale!  For a hypothetical example would be “i really need a lawyer now” – If you can’t convert that phrase to a sale then there is something wrong with you!

70% of Google searches are long tailed keywords and 20% of Google searches HAVE NEVER BEEN SEARCHED FOR BEFORE!

Google Keywords Tool

First of all you need to open Google Keywords Planner.  Once opened there are a number of things that you have to do to ensure that you get the best and accurate results.

  1. Type your keyword or phrase into the search box next to where it says “word or phrase”
  2. Minimise where it says “saved ideas (0)
  3. Under “Match Types” untick ‘broad’ and tick ‘exact’.  The broad search gives you all the searches for all of the words – for example, if you search for “cheap maroochydore accommodation” then you will get included in the search all the words in that sentence, cheap – maroochydore – accommodation PLUS all combinations of those words such as cheap accommodation and cheap Maroochydore.  The exact search just searches for the amount of times the exact phrase “cheap maroochydore accommodation” gets searched for!
  4. It should have automatically started searching for the keywords.  Click on the “keyword ideas” tab.
  5. Then you have all of the results for your keyword and all the results for similar keywords.

Keyword Research Services

Drilling Further Down in the Results

Now that you have your exact match results, it’s probably going to be about 800 search results which is way too many to search for in the SERP’s.  Google Keywords Tool comes an advanced options and filters which hides certain results based upon your preferences.  For my SEO keyword research services I choose to only show results that are only searched for less than 100 times per month and over 10 times per month.

Keyword Research Services4

Searching Google for Pages of Competition

Once you have a narrow selection of quality targeted, high performance keywords it is important to check and see how many pages of competition you will have to rank over.  At Sunshine Coast SEO, we reckon that if you can get a phrase with less than 10,000 pages of “phrase” competition in the search results, then you should be able to rank on the first page (depending on some other factors too).

All you have to do to see how many pages rank for the exact phrase keyword is to type it into the Google search bar in “inverted commas”.

All you have to do is search for a good, high converting, targeted, long tailed keyword; see how many searches are performed each month; see how many pages of competition that keyword has got; and then get some content up on your site.

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