Google+ is Awesome for SEO. Here’s 6 Reasons Why.

1. Google+ Boosts Website Ranking

Google’s Matt Cutts made it evident that “social signals”, such as likes, comments, follows, shares and retweets, were factored into search ranking algorithms. It makes sense, since SEO experts are adamant that website traffic is a key SEO feature; a website with flourishing social signals is also likely to get bounds of website traffic derived from social media fan-bases.

2. Increasingly, SEO Is All About Engagement

And what exactly is going to be liked, retweeted, shared? More than anything, it’s great content. And great content recognised with likes, comments and shares is going to be ranked highly by Google and other search engines.

3. Google+ Is Google’s Baby

So long as Google is relevant (and with 80% of searches performed on it, it very much still is), doing things Google favours can only benefit your business. Given that Google+ is Google’s product, many argue that Google+ has more weight than other social media platforms. So, it’s rather wise to start building up a community and sharing your content on Google+ – your website’s organic search ranking will thank you. (FYI: Software like Hootsuite makes it possible for you to post to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts at the same time. Yes, really.)

4. Google+ Works Nicely With Other Google Products

Beyond Google+ being one of Google’s products, Google+ is relevant to SEO because of the construct of what Google+ is. As Google+’s head, Vic Condotra, said, “It’s really the unification of all Google’s services, with a common social layer”. Google+ is so much more than Google trying to get into the social media rat race. What Google+ offers that these other platforms do not – cannot – is a seamless integration with Google’s other products: Google Maps, Google Places, Google Authorship and other products relevant to business, whether large or small.

5. Google+ Posts Appear In Organic Search Results

Here’s a bonus: posts you make in Google+ can appear search engine results. Say you write a post about an article published on your website – this Google+ post can appear in Google organic search results whenever relevant keywords are searched. Essentially, Google+ is another gateway to your website. Most excellent, yes?

6. Google+ Allows For Much More Targeted, Personalised, Search Results

As Google+ gathers more user data – what they post about, what they +1, where they’re located and who they follow – Google is better able to personalise and target both paid and organic search results to suit the searcher. This is great news for business, as it means ads and pages are being shown to the people who are most relevant: those who would be interested in – and available to – take up your offer.

Our Advice: Get On Google+. Now.

The sooner you start, the better. Time and consistent activity is the route to creating an active and buzzing Google+ page. Start developing your Google+ page now; it will help you with your SEO goals, and, as more and more people start using Google+, this will become even more evident.

Of course, if you need a hand with your Google+ setup and strategy, we can help you out. Contact us, here, for quotes or more information.