What is Good SEO?

Good SEO Sales FunnelA good SEO company will do a massive amount of different things to increase your profile in the Google SERP’s.  Please find below a list of what a good seo company can do for your business in the online environment, and the costs associated with same.

On-page optimisation for Good SEO

  1. Ensuring all of the code for good seo on your website is configured correctly and all of the components that Google uses in its algorithm and there.
  2. Ensuring that all of the articles generated are fully configured for Google.  E.g. keyword density, correct meta data, <h1><h2 and <h3> tags, and so on.

Keyword analysis for Good SEO

  1. Working with you to target long tailed keywords (longer keywords) for good seo
  2. Creating a profile of less competitive / higher converting keywords.  An example would be “family lawyer Brisbane” returns 193,000 pages to rank over, whereas “divorce lawyer Brisbane” only returns 91,000 pages of competition, and “filing for divorce in Queensland” gets searched for 20 times per month, but has only has 4 pages of competition.  This means that with an optimised page on your site around the phrase “filing for divorce in Queensland” will rank close to number 1 for that search, and with the right conversion metrics on your site, you will get the lion’s share of those searchers.

Sunshine Coast good SEO the best seoConversion for Good SEO

  1. If you are spending good money on online advertising for your good seo you need to ensure that once a lead has clicked through to your site that there is something there to entice them to perform another action (telephone you, give their email address, etc).  It is a complete waste of money targeting great keywords and increasing your visitors by 2x or 4x, if when they click onto your site, they don’t perform the desired action.  This includes trust metrics (QLD Law Society Accreditation), calls to action (click here now), special offers (exchange email address for free ebook).
  2. Scarcity also converts well, for example (10% discount for the first 10 emails) or (November Special Offer).  I’m not too sure that any of these examples would be right for your business, but we can work on the specifics if you engage me to work for you.

 Trust for Good SEO

  1. There are literally billions of web pages (some even promoting good SEO), and you know I am sure that not every website is fair dinkum!  People are still a little wary of the Internet and so it is important to instil trust from page one!  Memberships, accreditation, trademarks, testimonials and other trust metrics are really important in making a lead feel like your business is genuine.  Of course we all know it is, however establishing trust is a very important component in converting leads into sales.

Sunshine Coast good SEOOff-page optimisation for Good SEO

  1. This is essentially how the Googlebots work for good seo!  A webpage is given a score from 0 – 10 (this is called Pagerank, named after Larry Page) based upon the quality and quantity or other webpages linking back to you.  It is essentially a trust score based on about 350 factors (if I knew what they were I’d be a billionaire).  So, if a reputable website links back to you (QLD Law Society, Lexis Nexis, Lexcon, IP Australia and so on, this will increase the “trust” that you site has in Google and therefore you will rank more highly.
  2. The way Google understands good seo and what to rank you highly for, is calculated by the content of the copy on the page that links back to you (so what it is about), and the anchor text used in the hyperlink.  For example, anchor text is the part of a web page that is usually blue and is the clickable part that opens your web page.  This can be “click here” but this tells Googlebot nothing about the page, instead the anchor text could be “filing for divorce in Queensland”, which links to a great quality article on your site with the same name.

Social Media for Good SEO

  1. I know that these are dirty words in some good seo circles, however Google does use social signals in their algorithm and social media is fantastic for conversion.  What I can do is create a social media network used exclusively for business which is not connected in any way to you, the partner’s or your employee’s personal social media accounts.  This way you have complete control over what you choose to post and eliminate any embarrassing, or potentially brand damaging drunk tweets or similar.
  2. Case Study – Ricky Gervais has over 2 million Twitter followers.  Channel 4 in the UK didn’t want to fund one of his latest projects, so he threatened to fund it himself and essentially market it on Twitter.  He got the funding!  But this illustrates the power of social media in revolutionising the old business models.

That is essentially it!

Selling SEO or Internet marketing is really like selling Amway or Bibles door-to-door.  There are so many snake oil salesmen out there that the industry has been tarnished, which is a real shame for us genuine Internet professionals out there.

Please note the following;

  1. It is a slower process than pay-per-click, however the assets you create online stay online and only increase in “trust” and Pagerank over time.
  2. There are no guarantees!  Anyone who guarantees that you will be number 1 in Google is not being 100% truthful with you.

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