Sunshine Coast SEOThe main difference with Sunshine Coast SEO is that we have a background in small business as well as website design and search engine optimisation. We understand the business aspects of SEO and not simply the design aspects of the web design industry.

Sunshine Coast SEO Content Management

At Sunshine Coast SEO we work predominantly with the WordPress platform which makes access to your Sunshine Coast SEO content as easy as possible. Easily create and edit your own blog posts and website pages with ease without incurring any needless extra costs. Choose from thousands of themes, plugins and widgets to give your site a unique look to differentiate you from your competition and position yourself in your unique niche.

Sunshine Coast SEO

We use only “white hat” Sunshine Coast SEO techniques to ensure that you don’t get blacklisted by Google and the other search engines. Not only that, but you need your website to have integrity and trust to both users and to search engines. Grey hat SEO and black hat SEO rely on spinning other peoples content and other questionable ethical practices which both borders on illegality but also looks spammy and distrustful.

Copy Writing for SEO

Content is king! It is as simple as that really. The more good quality copy you have on your Sunshine Coast business website the better for SEO. Our experience can be immensely beneficial in this area, with experienced writers and Australian students. We can draft and submit for approval all the content on your website, so you do not have to, leaving you free to focus on your business!

100% Unique Content

We will send you a report from Copyscape with every piece of content to ensure you that the copy is 100% unique to YOU! Duplicate content or plagiarism is a massive no-no when it comes to SEO and you need to ensure that ALL of your Sunshine Coast SEO content is 100% unique to you.

Social Media Marketing

Like it or not, social media is playing more and more of a part in modern SEO. A lot of practitioners do not like their Sunshine Coast SEO to be connected to personal social media sites. Perhaps your business persona, or your brand, is totally different from your personal persona and you want to keep the two separate This is no problem! We know the perfect mix of social media sites and web 2.0 sites that you need to use to enable maximum business exposure without any of your family or personal life leeching in. Let Sunshine Coast SEO take care of all of your social media.

Targeted Marketing

Different industries, disciplines, businesses and geographical locations all play a part in determining your main demographic. Different demographics utilise marketing media in different ways and as part of our SEO strategy we pinpoint the main demographics and maximising on the correct marketing strategy for your business. For example, if you are an elder law practitioner, then your main demographic might be the over 60’s and so the marketing should be tailored for this demographic. Or, if you are a small town general practitioner, then the main focus on your Sunshine Coast SEO must be geographical in nature.

Why use Sunshine Coast SEO?

On-site and off-site Sunshine Coast SEO design, SEO and marketing are complex and highly competitive! With our background in small business, we guarantee professionalism, diligence and the best customer service. We will bend over backwards to ensure that our services exceed your every expectation enabling us to foster and nurture a long term working relationship.

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